Cinematic Film Color for Lightroom + mobile

Timo Noack
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This collection of 5 different color moods are my favourite grading adjustments when
it comes to creating an atmospheric look to the pictures i've shot with my camera, smartphone or even generated in 3D.

I would like to provide those adjustments to you for a fast and stunning result that
remembers you about watching a good movie. At least this is my motivation while
grading pictures (: If you have any questions, i'm glad to answer them.


- CINEMATIC (gives movie caracter to a photo)
- WANDERER (makes it dramatic)
- CLASSIC (gives the look & feel of analog film)
- VACATION (even and smooth light for lots of situations)
- PORTRAIT (sharp and stylistic portraits)

- XMP Files for Lightroom and Camera Raw
- DNG Files for Lightroom Mobile
- Manual
- A Big Thank You

I would like to highly recommend watching the short video description about how to use the presets on desktop and mobile and what i had in mind for each particular look.

For more inspiration or just to say hello, i'm looking forward to your visit on:
Instagram: timo.noack
Behance: Timo Noack

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5 different LR presets (+mobile)


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Cinematic Film Color for Lightroom + mobile

13 ratings
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